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Where do they come from?

Papillomas and warts are mainly benign tumors found on the skin, often of viral origin. They appear in the form of a lump or papilla.They are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). They can degenerate into melanoma - incurable skin cancer.

The human papiloma virus (HPV) it is a virus that has about 120 subtypes. It is transmitted mainly from person to person. Weakens the immune system, leads to changes in body tissues. It can remain in a "dormant" state for a long time. Everyone who has papillomas, moles, or warts on their body carries this virus.

People get infected with the virus through PARASITE TOXINS. Since there is a large number of species of parasites, it is not possible to say precisely which type causes the active growth and development of warts.


on the neck
on the armpits
on the feet that began to degenerate
A papilloma
that has degenerated into cancer

is a benign tumor of the skin or mucous tissue,

protruding below its surface in the form of a papilla


it is a predominantly benign neoplasm of the skin,

of viral origin, which has a lump or papilla shape

CleanForte is a special complex for improoving your skin look


it is a hard part of the skin that protrudes above the surface

and in the center of which is the nucleus

Plantar warts

are warts caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV),

that appear on the feet or toes

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Why is Clean Forte so good

Before use, consult your doctor.
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    Why is CleanForte* so good?
  • - It favours the whole body detoxification;
  • - It has positive impact on the digestive system;
  • - It has antiparasitic effect.
*CleanForte is not a medicine. Before use, please consult with your therapist.
  • Walnut leaf extract (Fol. Juglandis) - 8 mg,
  • Sweet wormwood stem extract (Hb. Artemisiae annuae) - 7 mg,
  • Wild basil stem extract (Hb. Clinopodii vulgaris) - 6 mg,
  • Passiflora stem extract (Hb. Pasiflorae) - 5 mg,
  • Clove bud extract (Gemm. Syzygii aromatici) - 4 mg.
For adults: 30 drops dissolved in 100 ml of water for a period of 1 month.

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